UFC 117 Silva/Sonnen/Fitch/Alves – Looking forward to this one…


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I’m definitely looking forward to UFC 117 although I think these two headliner fights could play out in one of two different ways: Action packed from start to finish or uneventful and boring depending on how the fighters approach it.

I’m hoping that Chael Sonnen wins the belt that night by finishing Anderson Silva. What I definitely don’t want to see is Silva dancing around the cage for twenty minutes waving his arms in the air and doing his shake and bake stuff pretending to want to attack. Hopefully for the fans, he’ll be out in good form and fight hard for the entire fight.

With the Fitch/Alves, ideally we’ll see some good ground work by Fitch and some slick striking by Alves throughout in a match that ends by either KO or submission. Both guys are tough competitors and will without a doubt be ready to fight hard all three rounds.

I’m picking Sonnen and Fitch to win. Who you going with?

Here’s the promo vid for the card…

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  1. rick morgan says:

    although i respect anderson’s ability, when he is actually motivated enough to display his tremendous talent without arrogance and boundless pride, i have lost respect for him as an individual due to his poor attitude as of late. it’s shameful behaviour for a champion or even the lowliest of us who practice martial arts to be so disrespectful of your opponents. i hope one of two things happens here: 1) sonnen wins the belt, by either a hard fought decision or a sound thrashing of current champion, or 2) silva wins and publicly announces he is vacating the title and moving up to 205 permanently.

    fitch is a grinder. i see him outworking alves, but i’d like to see alves win after coming back from such a terrible medical emergency.

    • Jeff Joslin says:

      Rick. I’m pulling for Chael too. We need a new champ. No more, one that fights hard the entire fight!

  2. Jorge Velasco says:

    No doubt that Anderson will take this fight. He is such a complete fighter that I do not see how Sonnen can have a chance.
    In the Fitch-Alves fight is very dificult to call, but I will go with Alves. Fitch is very tough but I think that Alves is very hungry and motivate now after all he past thru.

    • Jeff Joslin says:

      Jorge, it will definitely be tough for Sonnen because Silva always come in very confident. I think if Sonnen can Score a takedown and ground and pound in a careful way he can pull of the win. I’m hoping he pulls it off. Anderson antics in several of his last fights drove me crazy! I agree with you that Alves is hungry to win and I’m glad he was able to get himself healthy again.

  3. Jeff S says:

    I agree Jeff, Silva needs to lose to refocus himself. Plus, he’s been training with Steven Segul lately, so that there is a sign that he’s lost his mind!

  4. William Gafford says:

    I wasn’t sure if you were putting up a prediction post again so here are all mine just for the hell of it.

    Dos Santos

    Hope all is going well Jeff!!

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