UFC 114 After Thoughts


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Last nights UFC 114 card was great at moments but lacked action many times throughout the night. I had picked Ramape to win the main event but Rashad did a great job of fighting from afar, scoring a bunch of solid take downs and a few strikes which enabled him to win by decision.

Anything is possible in this sport and the bout between Todd Duffee and Mike Russow was shocking evidence of that. Russow absorbed so much punishment in the beginning of that fight that I instantly began cheering for him to pull out the win. I thought that if he scored a take down on Duffee we might be able to see a stronger part of his game.

With a pretty weak striking game and the extra pounds he was carrying around his midsection seeming to slow him down more and more as time went on, I truly believed that completing a take down was his only hope. Luckily I was wrong. The solid right hand he landed scored him a great knockout to give him the “Rocky Balboa” style come back victory. I loved it!

Diego Sanchez was out sized in his battle last night against John Hathaway. Hathaway’s strong take down defense and capable striking made things even worse for Sanchez. Diego has beaten a lot of great fighters at welterweight but with the sport evolving like it is and fighters becoming more and more well rounded, I think his frame may be too small for the 170 lbs. division.

Another great moment was when Melvin Guillard threw and landed that killer knee strike. Ouch! What was impressive about that was that he didn’t hesitate. During a situation where many fighters would have solely tried to defend the takedown, Guillard fired off his knee strike in the midst of his defensive motions. Well done.

I truly believe if the UFC made their cage a little bit smaller we’d see more action, more solid hits, an increased pace and overall better fights. A cage with a 32 foot diameter give fighters too much opportunity to stay out of punching range, run around and run out the clock.

How’d did you like the fights?

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  1. Gavin Devlin says:

    I just finished watching UFC 114 for the second time. I like to watch fights twice, not only because UFC events don’t finish till 6am in the UK, by which time I’m usually half asleep, but I’ve noticed that first time I’m heavily influenced by who I ‘want’ to win.

    I was impressed by the standard of fights last night, especially because it wasn’t the most spectacular fight card. After several recent UFC events where wrestling took centre stage, it was nice to see alot of great stand up. Escudero looked very sharp, although the reasons for Joe Lauzon not being in his brother’s corner became evident half way through the fight. I thought Hathaway looked excellent against Sanchez, who looked far too small for Welterweight now. Even as a Brit I’m not a big Bisping fan, he’s been overhyped, but looked solid last night.

    The biggest let down of the night for me was the main event. It was ok I suppose and had it been any other fight I probably wouldn’t have complained. Rampage looked very ring rusty, his timing was off and I think he looked a little heavy. Hopefully we’ll get a rematch once Rampage is back on top form, because I have no doubt he would “beat the breaks off” Rashad, who in my opinion belongs at Middleweight.

    Overall a decent event.

    • Jeff Joslin says:

      Great insight Gavin, thanks for sharing…I thought rampage had Rashad finished near the end of that fight. Rashad played to win instead of trying to finish the fight in my opinion. A win is a win but I too feel it would be nice to see a rematch.

      Diego showed he has a good chin after getting smashed by a few nice punches as did Russow.

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