UFC 113 Review & Picks Contest Winner…


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I thought it was a pretty good night of fights even though it was a rough night for our Canadian scrappers. Here’s a few of my quick thoughts about the card

Shogun showed some great aggression and confidence in his win over Machida. Congrats to him.

Daley’s cheap shot definitely pissed me off! He had all fight to try and catch Koscheck with his striking and then resorts to that type of crap at the end after getting dominated on the ground throughout all the rounds. ┬áListening to the replay, I think Koscheck said something after the final bell to him that may have got him mad. I’d be interested in hearing what that was. Still no reason to take a shot at him after the fight’s over.

I liked the Stephens/Stout fight a lot. Stephens should some good power and explosiveness. Stout displayed some good cardio and combos.

Man, I was hoping Kimbo would win but he seems to be a little behind the game in terms of technical skill which I think is a major reason he was getting so tired out there.

That’s about it, I’d love to hear what you guys thought about it so throw up a comment and let me know.

    Now for the pick’em contest…

    Nobody picked all 11 winners correctly but contestant Dustin got 9 out of 11. Pretty damn impressive. I’ll be giving him the free video workshop prize for getting the most right. Congrats Dustin! I’ll be emailing you tomorrow.

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    1. Chris A says:

      I agree with you Jeff…….Daley has no class and what he did only hurts MMA.I picked Shogun to win this fight and glad to see him as champ.I wanted Kimbo to win also,but this shows people a lot in my opinion.It doesn’t matter how scary you look,how big and ripped your are,or how bad you are on the streets like Kimbo….MMA fighters are for real!!!!!

    2. Jeff S says:

      I was fortunate to get down to Montreal to see the event live. I thought the card played out real well, some very exciting fights! I’m not sure what was shown as far as undercard fights, but I was very impressed with Halifax’s TJ Grant. He lost a majority decision due to a point being taken away for two groin kicks, but he showed awesome cardio and a tremendous improvement in his skill set. Sam Stout lost a real close one too…it could have gone either way. Cote had a great first round against Belcher, but came out flat for round 2 and paid for it. Same with Goulet against Marcus Davis…a terrific first round followed up by a flat second and a sad finish. Doerkson showed great heart in his fight with Tom Lawlor, as he was rocked in the first round but gathered up his thoughts and finished with a sweet choke. Kudos to Lawlor for a killer ring entrance! Other guys who where impressive were Mike Guymon and Matt Mitrione. “Meathead” has improved a ton since the TUF show and in my opinion played with Kimbo the entire fight. Tim Hague showed great heart by never quitting but man, his skill set went in the toilet after 2 minutes because he was so gassed. He’s a big dude and needs to tend to his physique to get better. Koscheck looked the same as he always does, taking singles and driving Daley across the cage and onto his back. I’ll tell you though, the Montreal crowd hated Koscheck. The entire fight the chant “F$%k you Koscheck” was shouted by the crowd. Even after Daley had a temper tantrum and attacked Kos, they still heckled him! I didn’t partake..I don’t mind the guy. Finally, Shogun came out looking stronger than ever. I think in this case, both Rua and Machida are tremendously equally skilled strikers, but Rua came in bigger and stronger and hungrier and that made all the difference. An overall good night of fights!

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