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This Saturday night, UFC 100 takes place in Vegas and the line-up looks to have a lot of potential. Here’s my take on the Ultimate Fighting Championships one hundredth event.

Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar

This is a very important match for Brock Lesnar. If he loses again to Mir it will knock him back several notches within the heavy weight division and weaken any momentum that his win over Randy Couture had earned him. If he wins he avenges his only loss and will without a doubt gain more respect from any fans – and I think there are still quite a few – who question his credibility.

In his last fight, Mir showed great confidence and some excellent striking. I feel he needs to do the exact same thing in this fight. Landing some solid strikes early on should give him a boost in confidence and keep Lesnar on the defensive. This will be important because Lesnar in offensive mode reminds me of a “When a bear attacks!” video. Scary!

Lesnar on the other hand is going to be a constant threat with his insanely powerful punches, great takedown ability and monstrous size. He also seems to be able to take a good shot and has remained pretty calm when things aren’t totally going his way.

This has the potential of being an awesome fight. In the end I predict a win for Brock Lesnar. By what? Hmm, tough to say but I think it will be by TKO due to a vicious ground and pound attack.

Inferno’s Pick – Brock Lesnar (TKO)

Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves

What a great fight! Two fighters, both with exciting styles, at the top of their games pitted against one another with the belt on the line. What else can you ask for?

I think GSP is going to attempt to use a lot of movement to avoid the powerful leg kicking abilities of his opponent. I’m guessing he’ll strike a bit with Alves to disguise a game plan that involves him taking the fight to the ground. If he is successful in doing so, I think it will be a much shorter fight than expected with Georges winning via TKO or submission.

The important question that needs to be answered is “Can Thiago stop GSP’s takedowns?” We won’t know the answer until late Saturday night and in my opinion it is tough to pick a sure winner until we do. The fans are going to win in this one because I know that both of these fighters are taking this fight seriously.

I believe Georges St.Pierre to win this fight by a ground and pound TKO due to another application of a solid game plan. He’s great at doing such during most of his fights.

Inferno’s Pick – Georges St. Pierre (TKO)

Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago

With Paulo Thiago coming off a win –one that was totally unexpected until the finishing punch landed– vs. Josh Koscheck in his UFC debut, a win over Jon Fitch would definitely prove his skills are for real.

I don’t believe it will happen. Fitch has a good chin, a lot of experience and doesn’t mess around in the cage. He gets down to business and does what he needs to win. I think Fitch will win this midway through the fight. Not sure exactly how he will do it but I’ll guess and say via a submission hold.

Inferno’s Pick – Jon Fitch (Submission)

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

This is another fight that I’m very excited about. Michael Bisping has a near flawless record and has some great wins in the UFC. On Saturday night he faces an ultra tough opponent in Dan Henderson. I think this fight will go to a decision. The victor in my mind will be Dan Henderson, but it will be very close in my opinion.

Inferno’s Pick – Dan Henderson (Decision)

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Alan Belcher

I have never had the opportunity to watch Akiyama fight but his record looks very impressive. He seems like a strong judo player who also packs a powerful punch. Alan Belcher and I fought on the same fight card at UFC Fight Night 7 and he has gone on to win some big fights after that. I’m going to pick Belcher to win against Akiyama because of his experience in the UFC and inside the octagon in particular.

Inferno’s Pick – Belcher (Decision)

What are you picks?

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  1. Benny Suff says:

    My quick pics-

    Lesnar will hammer fist his way to a 2nd round TKO.

    GSP will catch Alves in a submission at the end of the first round. I hope GSP gets dropped tho.

    Hendo vs Bisping – I see this going to a decision, I’m gonna give it to Bisping.

    I think Fitch will easily wrestle his way to a decision. Not pumped for this fight at all.

    Akiyama vs Belcher = meh as I am not a fan of either. I think Belcher takes this before the third. Akiyama will have to battle UFC jitters and has never fought in a cage, not a good start.

    Coleman vs Bonner – I’m going for Bonner to pull off a submission once Coleman gasses out.

  2. Jason says:

    I have pretty much the same predictions except for the last three.
    I think Fitch is going to take it but by TKO. I think Thiago’s game is mostly BJJ so he’ll either outwrestle him or outstrike him.
    I’m taking the underdog in Bisping vs. Henderson, I think Bisping’s going to be able to keep agressive on the feet or on the mats and manage out a decision.
    I don’t know much about Akiyama and I know Belcher managed great against Kang, but from what I’ve heard Akiyama was a beast. It’s been a while since he fought but if he comes out prepared and without much rust on him, I expect him to take it by TKO.

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