Time For Chuck Liddell to Retire?


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There really isn’t a bigger star than Chuck Liddell in the sport of mixed martial arts.

The guy was born to fight. From his signature hair cut to his in-ring intensity and the way he carries himself outside the cage, there’s no denying that the guy is doing the job he was meant to do.

A strong wrestler that can strike, Chuck posed as a huge problem for any opponent that was brave enough to step inside the octagon with him. Those that did enter to face him, knew their mohawk sporting opponent had only one intention once the action started. It wasn’t to choke them, or armlock them or even ground and pound them into submission; Chuck was looking for the knockout! Scary and intimidating for his opposition, it was this mindset that made Chuck a huge hit with pretty much every fight fan out there.

Who didn’t like when he took out Tito Ortiz with strikes both times? I know I did!

For me it’s been really sad to see Chuck, a guy who has done so much for mixed martial arts, lose his last five of six fights. Even more bothersome is the way he’s lost those matches; KO’d or TKO’ed in four of them.  I really hope that any damage Chuck’s taken inside the cage over the years doesn’t permanently affect him in any way outside of the cage in his everyday life.

Should he retire?

I think so as it’s not worth risking the many years he has ahead of him by fighting in a sport that he has already achieved so much in.

Ultimately the choice is his and if he want to keep fighting I wish him all the best and will cheer him on each and every time he scraps. If he does retire,  there’s no questioning the fact that he will be remembered as one of the sport’s biggest stars for a very long time.

Thanks Chuck for the great fights and highlight reel knockouts over the years! You the man!

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  1. Scott says:

    ko’d or tko’d in FOUR, not five. (jardine beat him by decision (T)KO’s were Rampage, Rashad, Shogun, and Franklin)

  2. Alain "Allan" Mineault says:

    Great words Jeff!! I also hope he did not take too much damage from the last KO’s and that he can find new challenges to tame his fire. I’m sure the UFC will have options for him.

  3. Jeff Morris says:

    Who would you put him against that would be a legitimate fight, and not a gimme like putting me in there with him would be (not that I’d turn the opportunity down. Dana? Joe? Call me!). Any of the “legitimate” guys to put him against are good enough to at least survive his attacks, if not mount a good offense themselves, which just leads to another potential KO. Anyone else down the ladder would further degrade his status, as a win should be expected and a loss would be embarrassing.

    Look at Ken Shamrock. He’s a legend, fought some of the greatest in the early UFC/PRIDE and was quite successful. Nothing can take that away from him, but, look at peoples opinions of him now vs back then. Look at what he’s doing now. He’s got a 5-9 record since 96, and his most recent win was against a 300+ pound Ross Clifton, who was 6-8 with a 3 fight losing streak (and made ME look ripped). Of course he ended up testing positive and getting suspended.

    Do we want something like that happening with Chuck? Does Chuck want that to happen to him?

  4. Rob B says:

    I think Jeff Morris just said it best. I know he probably will at some point (if not still) get the burning urge to jump back in the octagon, but at what cost? Sometimes you just have to know when to hang them up. Sometimes people are known more for how their career ended rather than what they accomplished/did for the sport throughout the duration of that career. I see guys like Ken Shamrock and am just like “Seriously dude, you need to stop”. Plus, unless they feed him easy opponents (not that anyone with the balls to actually get in that octagon is easy mind you), same thing will happen over and over I feel.

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