What are you Picks for UFC 102?


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Here we go! Another UFC pay per view event. There are some good matchups on the card but for me it’s a few of the names on the card that builds my anticipation; Randy Couture, Demian Maia, Chris Leben and Kyzysztof Soszynski to name a few.

I like Randy because of his “age don’t mean @#$%” competitiveness and fighting spirit. Demian Maia is refreshingly slick on the ground which makes me always look forward to his fights. Chris Leben’s head of stone tends to make for great drama and Kyzysztof is a friend of mine so I love seeing him kick some ass.

Here’s how I think the matches will play out on Saturday night

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Randy Couture
Both of these warriors need a win and I think this fight will probably go the distance before a victor is declared. Randy will score some big takedowns on Nogueira throughout the bout, the first soon after spending a short time pinning and grinding the Brazilian fighter against the cage. Nogueira will search out submissions and sweeps all of which I believe Randy will do a great job of avoiding. In the end I see Randy pulling off a victory by decision.

Inferno’s Pick – Randy Couture (Decision)

Keith Jardine vs. Thiago Silva

I hope this fight stays standing. Both Silva and Jardine have the potential to win by KO which makes me think they may want the same. I think Silva is quicker and slightly more balanced with his striking which should prove to give him a small advantage while on the feet. Will this battle go the distance? I don’t believe so as I am picking Thiago Silva to win by KO at some point during the 2nd round.

Inferno’s Pick – Thiago Silva (KO)

Jake Rosholt vs. Chris Leben
Coming off a loss, the only blemish on his record, in his first UFC fight makes me think that Rosholt will be more relaxed in the cage his second time around. That being said, his gritty granite chinned, hard hitting opponent Chris Leben is no easy prey. In fact I think Lebens vast experience and improved skill set will render him victorious on Saturday night. How will he do it? In my opinion, a knockout after nullifying a few solid takedown attempts by Rosholt.

Inferno’s Pick – Chris Leben (KO)

Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia
This will be the fight of the night in my opinion. Each of these two fighters possesses solid skill sets. The edge in terms of striking ability and wrestling goes to Nate and Maia will be the better of the two on the ground in my opinion. This makes for an ultra interesting match-up. Maia has been unbeaten up to this point but I think after tonight I think that stat will change. After a hard fought battle I see Nate Marquardt winning this one by decision.

Inferno’s Pick – Nate Marquardt (Decision)

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Brandon Vera

This is a cool matchup. I’m going to pick Krzysztof without explanation. Just because I think he’s going to take it.

Inferno’s Pick – Krzysztof Soszynski (Decision)

Who are you picking?

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  1. Jason says:


    I definitely can see these going the way you predicted. I hope you are wrong about Jardine, but he’s been knocked out quite a few times.

    The rest I’m with you on. I’m most interested in watching Leben fight. I just love watching that guy fight. Amazing how he seems to just paw a guy on the side of the head and the guy collapse.

    Good Stuff!

  2. Jason Binder says:

    Yeah I agree with almost all of them, although I don’t think Couture is going to take it to the ground unless its the end of a round and he wants some points. Otherwise I think the smart plan is to keep it standing and maybe even clinch and grind him a bit, but I think the ground will spell death for Couture if he takes it there.
    Also I’m calling Jardine against Silva. It was clear in the Machida fight that Silva doesn’t come up with game plans and has trouble with unorthodox fighters, so I think unless he truly has learned from his leasons Jardine is one of the worst matchups for him.

  3. Pwilson says:

    Some great picks, but I think the layoff Leben’s had will result in some cage rust, resulting in Rosholt laying and praying his way to a UD.

  4. Benny_suff says:

    I gotta go with

    Nog vs Randy – I wish this was a 5 round fight. I gotta go Randy by unanimous decision.

    Silva vs Jardine – Silva by KO, I think if he pressures Jardine off the bat it’ll be a short fight.

    Leben vs Rosholt – Going with Rosholt, I think his wrestling pedigree will take him to a decision victory. Leben also hasn’t fought in 9 months since testing positive, I think that might effect him. I expect Leben to come out swinging looking for a big win then gass out by the second.

    Maia vs Marquardt – I’m really pulling for Maia to win this one. Sadly, I think Nate’s athleticism and stand up will prove to be too much for the submission master.

    Vera vs Krzysztof – Vera’s technical stand-up will get him the TKO by the 3rd.

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