and the MMA QuickStart UFC 142 Contest Winner is…


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UFC 142 was a great card. The Brazilian crowd was wild and full of energy and the fighters fought hard in pretty much every fight.

We even got to see an awesome highlight reel Ko when Barbosa spin kicked the crap out of Terry Etim. Ouch!

The main event didn’t last as long as many people had though it would, ending with only 1 second left in the very first round;  Aldo scoring the knockout via vicious knee strike.

I was really impressed with Jose Aldo’s takedown defense and reactive counter attacks. He was very fun to watch. I think if someone is going to beat him they’ve got to have fast hard hitting hands and need to get their attacks off first. As long as Aldo has the advantage in striking over his opponent he is going to be very hard to takedown regardless of the calibre of wrestler he’s up against.

As far as the MMA QUICKSTART contest goes: Congrats to Jeff Morris on making the winning prediction:


Aldo/KO/Round 1 – 1:15

Jeff wins the entire MMA QuickStart Training Program which includes over 18 1-hour workouts, 100+ instructional videos, 12 Follow Along MP3 “Shadowfighting” Audio Files and more.


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