James Toney in the UFC…Who should he fight?


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With the UFC’s recent signing of champion boxer James Toney there has been a lot of talk in the media.

I think it’s great to have a highly accomplished boxer within the ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and I’m really looking forward to seeing him go at it in the Octagon. His success will depend on who he gets matched up with first.

From a style standpoint the ideal fighter for him to fight would be someone who likes to strike but possesses less than stellar take down skills. With some basic wrestling training, consisting mostly of drilling defensive movements, I believe Toney can prove to be very dangerous against any fighter who fits that description. Give him a fighter with solid take down ability  and I think he loses the fight sometime in the first round.

It’s all going to come down to what the UFC’s plans are with James Toney. Do they want to see him dominated in his first fight to send a message to the boxing world ? Or do they want to help him climb the ranks and build on his already substantial star status,¬† by giving him fights in which he has an average to good chance of winning?

Anyone in particular you think would be a good match up for James Toney?

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  1. Ron tidgwell says:

    Im not sure if he’s still around but I think tank abbot would be a good match if not kimbo slice.

  2. Paul H says:

    I think he should fight The Strongest Man in the World and Shotokan practitioner turned MMA fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski. Mariusz’s first fight was against a poilsh boxer who he beat easily. Niether have much grappling skills so I assume so if it goes to the ground Pudzianowski will be just too strong ,

    On second though I’d like to see Mariusz Pudzianowski vs a good grappler , strength vs skill would be interesting.


  3. Rob B says:

    UFC is a business, and Toney will sell PPV buys, so I doubt they’ll give him crazy stiff competition (want him to seem legit). Look at all the talk Herschel Walker got leading up to his first fight, same will happen for Toney, so wanna make sure he doesn’t get annihilated his first fight (can u imagine giving him Mir or Carwin or Valesquez, lol)
    I doubt he’ll get a grappling practitioner, but I’m thinking Kimbo would be an idea, and that will sell huge buyrates for the UFC.

    • Jeff Joslin says:

      I think you’re right Rob. It be a shame if they hand pick his fighters for more than one fight though. Hope that doesn’t happen.

  4. Ben Suff says:

    I’d give him Cro Cop, Kongo or Hardonk.

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