Congrats to UFC 118 Pick’em winners!


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Congratulations to the winners of the UFC 118 (Penn vs. Edgar) Pick’em contest. There were 4 of them that picked 8 bout winners correctly so they all get a free video workshop.

Congrats to Jim, Yous, Liam and Rob B! (Check your email for instructions)

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  1. I read somewhere that James Tony got like 500 k for this fight at UFC 118. Thats a huge amount of money for one fight and not even a title fight. Hopefully he brought with him alot of fans from Boxing. Kenny Florian did a impressive performance.

    • Jeff Joslin says:

      For sure, a bit unfair to pay him more than the entire card combined. I heard he made 750k. That’s pretty good money when you figure he only lasted a few minutes :).

  2. MMA Training says:

    I went 3 for the 5 picks. Next time Ill do better

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