Brock Lesnar’s Got it! – UFC 116


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Unfortunately I missed watching the live showing of UFC 116 (Lesnar vs. Carwin) last night but I did get a chance to sit down today and watch the main event fight that everyone including myself was so excited about.

Wow! What a fight! Brock showed us something that we weren’t yet sure that he had: Warrior spirit!

Taking an absolute beating in the first round that would have finished most, Brock managed to weather the storm –more like a friggin hurricane!– against a fighter that nobody had lasted more than one round with in the past.

I also thought he did a great job of keeping his hands up in a pretty solid fighting stance throughout the fight and displayed some great ground control when he finally got the take down that he was desperately searching for. Once Carwin hit the ground, he seemed way too exhausted to avoid the obvious arm triangle that Brock was slowly crunching him into. It’s been said that there is an escape to every technique but I beg to differ. Put yourself in a Brock Lesnar mammoth arm triangle and you’ll have two choices: Tap out or go to sleep!

Lesnar has the size, strength and wrestling technique to win fights but that would only take him so far. The fact that he has the fighting spirit to push through adversity and triumph will keep him a champion for a very long time.

Any new Brock Lesnar fans out there?

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  1. Rob says:

    I’ve always been a fan, so I was quite pleased (one of the few at the bar that night as most don’t like him). I think he’s great for the sport, even when he’s being a dink lol. Anywho, if he’s just going to keep getting better, I don’t like Valesquez or JDS chances in future title fights against Brock. He’s now beaten 3 champions (undisputed or interim), so I think its safe to say he’s legit, like him or hate him (and I think with his new attitude towards life, is going to be gaining more and more fans)

  2. Lance Campbell says:

    I think this UFC card was one of the best ever from start to finish. Chris and Matt brown was a great fight. I don’t think Chris Lytle has ever been in a boring fight. The whole card was amazing….there were great submissions, knockouts, comebacks. I think thats about everything you could ask for.

    *my 10 cents* I don’t think Valesquez has the size or punching power to take out Brock. Maybe if the fight went into the late rounds Valesquez’s conditioning would be an advantage. I don’t think the betting odds will be good for Valesquez.

    Junior Dos Santos seems like a more interesting match because of Junior’s boxing, punching power and BJJ vs Brock’s hugeness, power and wrestling.

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