and the winners of MMA QuickStart are…


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At about 6:30 p.m last night, I blasted out a competition on facebook and twitter and in a short time close to 100 people had entered to win a free copy of my Beginner home training program “MMA QuickStart”. All they had to do to win was pick the winner/round/time left in the round, when either Rashad Evans or Tito Ortiz won the UFC 133 main event fight.

The competition was very close as many people picked Rashad to win the fight in the second round.

Two people picked the closest answer, exactly, so they both win a copy of my training program!

Shawn Gravelle Evans/2nd round/0:35 left

Andrew McCool  Evans….:35 round 2….TKO

Congrats Shawn and Andrew on winning, I’ll message you of facebook to set you up with MMA Quickstart.

Check back before the next UFC for another chance to win…

Time to go watch the smurfs with the kids!

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