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Do you find yourself getting hit in the head often in sparring especially after making an attack?

Do your sparring partners often get overly aggressive with their attacks forcing you to cover up defensively?

Are you having a hard time landing solid punches during sparring?

If you aren’t using proper head movement while in the cage/ring I guarantee that you answered yes to most if not all of the questions above.

The ability to move my head off the line of fire has been one of my greatest weapons in boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts competition over the years. It’s enabled me to take minimal damage during every one of my fights and has given me the ability to disguise and land some super solid shots on my opponents.

Check out this video where I land a killer uppercut on my opponent, Jon Fitch, after performing a basic draw and slip motion versus his jab attack…

There’s a lot of technique involved in moving your head properly when striking; If done wrong you could move your face directly into harms way and put you into a completely off balance position making it impossible for you to throw anything that has a chance of hurting your opponent.

To help you out immediately here’s a vid from the workshop that shows you how to do the exact slip I used against Fitch in the video above.

In the full 31 video workshop I share it all! That’s right 31 videos that include techniques, drills, and many ultra important technical details.

Master the moves within this series and you’ll be able to:

– Tire and frustrate your opponent by making him miss while slipping and rolling away from every one of his punches.

– Smash your opponent with combinations that are specific to each evasive head movement.

– Counter attack with much harder punches while using less effort through the use of key technical details.

All 31 highly detailed videos for only $29.95!

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