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Importance of the Proper Stance
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Footwork Detail
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Slipping to the Outside
[jwplayer mediaid=”5207″]
Slipping to the Inside
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Important Punch Combination
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Important Punch Combination
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Moving your Head After You Punch
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Important Detail
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Mirror Head Movement Drill 1
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The Roll Motion
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Roll (Opposite Direction)
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Mirror Head Movement Drill 2
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Student Demonstrates the Movements
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The Jab
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Slip Outside the Jab
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Important Detail 1
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Slip Inside the Jab
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Slip the Jab Either Way
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Draw the Jab & Slip Outside
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Draw the Jab & Slip Inside
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Roll Under Right Hand
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Roll Under Left Hook
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Straight Right Hand
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Right Hand, Left Hook
[jwplayer mediaid=”5283″]
Right Hand, Left Hook, Right Hand
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Slip Outside Jab and Throw 3
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Slip Inside Jab and Throw Hook
[jwplayer mediaid=”5286″]
Slip Inside Jab and Throw 2
[jwplayer mediaid=”5287″]
Mix the Two Slips
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Roll under Right Hand & Throw 2
[jwplayer mediaid=”5289″]
Right Hand, Roll Under Hook and Throw 3
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Alternating Rolls with Punches
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Putting It All Together
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