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Happy Easter everyone!

I just finished colouring some eggs with my kids. Good times. I even managed to get some good rolling in today with the team at Joslin’s which was cool.

I hope you and your families have a great weekend as well.

In celebration of this weekend, I’m offering the first 2 sets of the “Dominate From the Mount” training series for the price of one –> only $29.95.

Purchase either one here before Monday, April 9th at midnight and I’ll give you the other one for FREE.

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Getting an opponent into the kimura submission hold can be done in many ways. Once there though it can be very difficult to finish a strong, aggressive opponent that has a good idea of how to defend their arm.

In the video below I show you one of my best ways to smash through an opponent’s defense and score the submission win. I also break down a way you can get to the kimura from 1/2 guard.




Joslin’s MMA Update…

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Things have been really busy here in Hamilton at Joslin’s MMA.

We recently brought Randy Couture to town to do a meet & greet/book signing event.

It was a great night at the Endzone Bar & Grill where over 100 people came out to meet Randy.

We finished the night up with a Q & A session where I had the fun opportunity to ask Randy some questions about his training /fights, his acting and the other things he’s been up to since retiring from the fight game.

Here’s some footage from that Q & A session.

Thanks to all who came out that night. We look forward to bringing in more guests in the future.

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Being inside someone’s guard during a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match is not the ideal place to be since there are very few submission attacks that you can apply from inside there. On the other hand, the bottom fighter can sweep you, hyper extend your arms, choke your neck and leg lock you in countless ways.

In MMA things are completely different. Why?

Because you can strike! Combine skill at doing that with a killer ability to pass the guard and you’ll look forward to being locked inside the guard of an opponent during an MMA fight. If you think about it, the person on the bottom is actually the furthest they could possibly be from standing back up onto their feet. That’s a good thing!

It’s time to take advantage of being on top inside the guard by dishing out a ground and pound attack in a powerful, safe and very effective way.  In the video below I show you a sequence of ground and pound techniques that my fighters and I use all the time with a lot of success.

Oh yeah, it also includes a guard pass to make it even sweeter.



Here’s an MMA/Muay Thai striking technique that I’ve used throughout my martial arts career with great success.

When throwing an outside low kick is very important to set it up so that it’s not easily checked (blocked) by an opponent. Having your low kick blocked can hurt your shin and may even result in a fractured or broken bone in your leg. That type of injury is brutal and very difficult to recover from.

There are many different ways to set up an outside low kick; here’s one that you can use when your opponent is backed up against the cage or ring ropes.

Hope you can put it to good use in your training.


UFC 142 was a great card. The Brazilian crowd was wild and full of energy and the fighters fought hard in pretty much every fight.

We even got to see an awesome highlight reel Ko when Barbosa spin kicked the crap out of Terry Etim. Ouch!

The main event didn’t last as long as many people had though it would, ending with only 1 second left in the very first round;  Aldo scoring the knockout via vicious knee strike.

I was really impressed with Jose Aldo’s takedown defense and reactive counter attacks. He was very fun to watch. I think if someone is going to beat him they’ve got to have fast hard hitting hands and need to get their attacks off first. As long as Aldo has the advantage in striking over his opponent he is going to be very hard to takedown regardless of the calibre of wrestler he’s up against.

As far as the MMA QUICKSTART contest goes: Congrats to Jeff Morris on making the winning prediction:


Aldo/KO/Round 1 – 1:15

Jeff wins the entire MMA QuickStart Training Program which includes over 18 1-hour workouts, 100+ instructional videos, 12 Follow Along MP3 “Shadowfighting” Audio Files and more.


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After a long time waiting they’ve finally posted up the MMA Fight Video of Ryan Dickson’s last bout vs. Josh Taveirne

These two guys had fought before as amateurs with Ryan winning a 3 round war by rear naked choke so I knew that Josh would be a tough opponent and come to fight hard.

Ryan did some great things in this fight both on the ground and standing up. Here’s the fight vid:


Ryan’s next MMA fight is in March and in February we’ve got 7 of our other MMA fighters doing battle in February. With those two and many other BJJ and MMA event throughout the year, 2012 is going to be very exciting!


A while back I was asked to be part of a hip hop video.

My job was to put together a street fight scene so my student and I practiced for an hour or so before we headed out to Scarborough to film it.

We smashed each other! I still remember one of the crew telling us “You guys hit way harder than stuntmen!” I didn’t really think much about that until the next day when I was really sore!

You’ll see one at point in the video when Dean kicks me in the chest with a push kick. I wasn’t supposed to fall but it hit me so hard that I lost my balance. That looked good on camera though.

Anyways here’s the video (we start at 1;57ish) :

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Jeff KO's Nuri Shakir at 2:15 into the 1st Round (First person to KO Nuri in 25 Fights)

A well thrown cross is almost impossible to see coming. It will knock your opponent down to the mat quickly when it’s thrown with leverage, speed, and perfect technique. Of course it has to be accurate and well timed so that it lands on it’s intended target as well.

Many people think that by trying to punch hard they can knock someone out. That’s not true. In fact the opposite is true. A punch that is thrown quickly while incorporating the details I share with you in the video below doesn’t need to have anger or immense effort behind it to get the job done.

After it lands, since you were so relaxed throwing it, you’ll be wondering where you’re opponent went. Looking down you’ll notice them asleep on the floor or dazed enough that you can move in for the TKO finish. The cross is one of my best punches and I’ve used it to score the KO many times throughout my career.

This video will help you do the same:



Want more KO Power? –> Download my FREE EBOOK “Developing the KO Punch” ==> HERE <==



Happy Holidays Everyone!

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I just want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and to thank you for making 2011 a kick ass year for me!

My train at home Beginner Program, MMA QuickStart has become very popular and I now have students from all around the world learning online via videos, audio tracks, and training manuals. It’s pretty amazing to get feedback from people half way across the world saying they are punching and kicking their training partner better because of the program. It definitely brings a smile to my face.

Right now, I’m setting up the gameplan for 2012 with my goal being to provide a HUGE amount of video content that’ll help you become great at MMA! I’m also planning big things for my Hamilton, Ontario team as well which has me very excited as well!

It’s going to be an awesome year of MMA!

If you have any ideas on what you’d like to see in terms of content, shoot me a message via the contact form as I’d love to hear it.

Many people have asked me over the years about nutrition for MMA.  I usually share tips that I’ve learned and used over the years to help me get lean, strong and to my fight weight of 170lbs on weigh-in day.

What I want to do today, as a gift for the holidays, is give you the exact diet I used to get down to 6% body fat (185lbs although I made 170 for each weigh in) for my fights against Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch and Nuri Shakir.

Click Here to learn more about the Meal Plan I used.


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