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Just finished teaching my classes tonight at Joslin’s MMA. The last class, which was boxing, was pretty busy with over 20 people in. I trained a little bit with the class as I taught them a few different counter punching drills. I really didn’t feel into it tonight though. Actually I felt like crap!

I think I’m a little tired from a long week of training and a lack of sleep. A few nights ago my daughter was playing on the living room floor with some craft stuff. There were these little balls of soft material, about the size of a gum ball, that she was sticking onto some paper.

I was sitting a few feet away from her, working on my laptop. Next thing I knew she ran up to me in a panic! After I figured out what she was saying to me — she’s 5 and she was crying — I realized that she had inhaled one of the little things up her nose. Looking into her nose I saw the thing stuck way,way up inside. I started to freak out too, which didn’t help things but I wasn’t sure if it would mess up her breathing or cause serious damage. I was a little comforted by the thought of those people who are able to pass chains and spaghetti noodles through their own noses without choking. It was a strange thought but it definately helped.

So after more than 3 hours of me trying to get tweezers up her nose, I finally gave up and took her took the hospital emergeny department. They had my wife and I plug one of her nostrils and give her mouth to mouth, breathing hard in an attempt to push the thing out of her nose. Obviosly she wanted her Mom to blow in her mouth instead of me. It didn’t work!

A doctor managed to come in a short while later and pull the whatever ya call it out of her nose with long tweezers. We all started to high five him as we broke out into celebration after which we went home. I got about two or three hours of sleep before I had to wake up to go talk MMA on the radio at a local station.

That’s why I feel like crap!!!!!

How are you guys doing? Any plans for Valentines day?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its scary when stuff like that happens to the little ones…great to hear it all worked out ok! Never fear though we have some of the best ER staff in all of Canada working in our hospitals here in Hamilton…very thankful for that!:)

  2. Lance says:

    Good to hear everything worked out.
    At least you have one of those stories to tell at her wedding.

    Not much going to here. Waiting for summer.

    Thanks for posting. Your blog is always good reading.

  3. Jeff Joslin says:

    Thanks guys…

    The doctor did do a great job in keeping her calm which helped out a lot.

    Glad your enjoying the blog Lance, I’ll keep the updates regular. Lots of good stuff in the works.

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