Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Watch out for the X-Guard!


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A large group of students came out to the X-Guard workshop I taught yesterday afternoon. I’m looking forward to hear how the techniques worked out for them in their rolling this week. It’s always nice to get a few hours of drilling techniques and then putting it to use in sparring as soon as possible.

I ended up covering nearly everything I had hoped to at the workshop.

1. Basic X-guard entry and control
2. Two sweeps from the x-guard
3. Two x-guard entries from standing
5. Two x-guard entries from the guard
5. One mount escape into the x-guard
6. One back escape into the x-guard
7. One way to pass the x-guard

Next workshop will be taking place this coming Sunday. I’ll be focusing on one of my favourite aspects of striking, head movement. Learn how to slip and evade punches and fire back with some devastating combinations.

For more info on the head movement workshop or other upcoming workshops CLICK HERE.

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