Saw the Fedor vs. Werdum Video…


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Fabricio Werdum beats Fedor at Strikeforce and shocks the world…

To me it looked like Fedor believed that he could never be caught in Werdum’s triangle or that he could easily escape it if he had to. He just kept punching and punching himself in and out of that dangerous position.

Werdum’s legs are so long that the triangle choke is the last place you want to fall into when fighting him. When I saw Werdum fully lock the choke I wasn’t surprised to see that Fedor was unable to escape. Fabricio’s a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt champ and a strong guy! I’m sure that for him triangle choking people is as natural as Fedor’s ability to punch people in the face.

Congrats to Werdum for pulling of a great submission! I look forward to watching the rematch.

Someone posted the fight it on http://www.youtube.com/v/r254ncFfv24

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  1. Phil Harris says:

    Wow! This is proof positive that NO ONE can retire undefeated in this sport. Werdum shocking the world by beating Fedor is made sweeter by the fact that the triangle choke/triangle armbar combo is one that i used to make my first tapout during sparring. Now I always go to that combo if the triangle choke doesn’t force my opponent to submit.

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