Ronnie Coleman Event


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I recently had the opportunity to be a fighter guest at the Ronnie Coleman event which took place in Mississauga, Ontario. Sitting beside me was one of the fastest men of all time, Ben Johnson. That was cool since I’m probably the slowest runner of all time.

The event was packed with people, many of them sporting a smile that extended from ear to ear, as they got the chance to listen to and meet one of their hero’s. A few spectators even had the rare opportunity to go on stage with Ronnie for a pose down –I don’t know if that’s the proper term for it– which was really cool.

Listening to Ronnie speak it was obvious to me that the guy was a genuinely nice guy who has dedicated his entire life to his sport. That type of dedication demands respect and is the reason he is where he is today. At one point a spectator asked him if he ever missed a workout and he stated “No” without hesitation. Makes you realize how much dedication it takes to make a dream become reality. It’s that insanely focused attitude that sets top athletes, businessmen, musicians and others apart from the rest of the pack.

I want to thank Valerio M. for inviting me to his event and congratulate him on putting on a great show.

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