My Son’s 12th Birthday + Striking Counter Attack Workshop Sale!


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I just wanted to wish my son, Tayzen, a happy 12th Birthday. The years go by so fast as I still easily remember when he could barely walk. My wife and I got him the new Halo game for his birthday, so I’m sure he’ll be playing that non-stomp for the next month at least.

Happy Birthday Buddy! see you soon!

In celebration of the B-day, you guys can pick up my “Striking Counter Attacks” workshop for 50% off ($14.95) during the next 48 hours.

Striking Counter Attacks Instructional Video Series

In this 38 video series you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve your combination punching and fundamentals through a number of solo, hand pad, and partner drills
  • Defend and Counter Attack against commonly used attacks.
  • Put your opponent on their back with a slick counter attack that is guaranteed to surprise.

Become a counter attacking machine by mastering the movements in this series!


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