My 5 Favourite Techniques


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1. The Jab
I would have to pick the jab as my favourite technique. I use it, during my fights and training to accomplish many important things. It helps me work my way inside a taller opponents reach, maintains my ideal range when I’m up against a shorter opponent and sets up the many other technique that I’m able to follow the jab up with.

I believe that the length of my arms and my ability to throw the punch quickly is what makes my jab the most effective weapon in my game.

2. Spinning Back Fist
This striking technique takes a lot of practice and requires excellent timing to successfully pull it off in action. I use it a lot in training, in many different situations, both as a counter strike and as an attack. Instead of making contact with the back of my fist, I tend to use more of a hammer fist type motion which hurts much more.

3. X-Guard
The x-guard position is a very useful guard position. I use it often during every aspect of my ground training – Gi, No-Gi and MMA—and have done so with success. Primarily I use the position to sweep and reverse my opponent but there are also submissions that I apply from there such as knee bars, toe holds and arm locks.

4. Hook Sweep
This is my go-to move from the guard; one sets many of my attack sequences into motion. I use this movement mainly from the butterfly guard but also employ it from the ½ and X-guard positions.

When this move fails, I take advantage of the fact that my opponent is off balance and work my way back into a standing position so that I can once again strike from on my feet.

5. Left Body Shot
This is a technique that I use all the time in training but have yet to land it solidly in mixed martial arts competition. This punch hurts! I’m talking severe pain and discomfort when the fist smashing the ribcage is covered by a sixteen ounce boxing glove, let alone the four ounce ones we use in M.M.A.

Most mixed martial artists are head hunters, meaning they only attempt to strike their opponents up top. There are so many benefits to smashing your opponent’s body, that many fighters don’t realize, my favourite being that it usually saps the recipient of their energy. The pain from a solidly landing body shot can linger and can often be felt several rounds later.

I hope to be able to land a few of these punches in m.m.a so you can see what I’m talking about. The huge size and corner-less shape of the U.F.C cage does make it a little difficult to do so as many opponents are able to run away if they don’t want exchange punches while standing.

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