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MMA ripped is a workout program that’s designed for MMA fans who want to lose fat and get ripped.It was created by Eric Wong, who is my strength and conditioning coach.

The program was developed using the knowledge Eric gained while training pro fighters. Unlike many sports, mixed-martial artists need to be lean and muscular with great cardio, but they still have to make weight, so they can’t get too bulky. So the MMA Ripped workouts are designed for that exact goal – to shed fat and develop a lean, muscular body. The program also includes actual MMA skills, like boxing and jiu-jitsu moves.

But because most guys don’t want to get black eyes or roll around with other sweaty guys to get in shape, Eric’s gotten my help in bringing MMA skills into the workouts. In the program, I teach you MMA skills as if you were training with me 1-on-1 through video lessons, which are very detailed.

There are also videos of every exercise in the program so you can see exactly how they’re supposed to be performed.

So if you’re an MMA fan and you want to get in shape and look like a mixed-martial artist, then you have to check out the program. You can find it at www.MMARipped.com.

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