MMA Expo – Day 1


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expoJust got in from Day 1 of the mixed martial arts expo. It was a great event!

Fans from all over the place came out to meet some of their favourite MMA fighters and to scoop up some great fightwear and gear from the many vendors in attendance. Throughout the day I saw many familiar faces around the expo including Sean Sherk, Carlos Newton, Nabil Khatib, Jason MacDonald, Frank Trigg, Dennis Kang, Patrick Cote, Sam Stout, Mark Hominick, Chris Horodecki, Mark Bocek and Mr. International Shonie Carter. I may even be forgetting a few. Oh, UFC ring-girll Arianny Celeste was there too.

Thanks to all the people that came up to say hello throughout the day it was great to meet all of you.

I ended up teaching a 45 minute workshop to a large group of up & coming mixed martial artists who were on hand to participate in the W-1 MMA trials. I ended up showing a few tricks I like to use from my guard and they picked up the details very quickly.

Overall it was a great day, If you get chance head to the International center tommorow for Day 2 of,the expo which is guaranteed to be another great one. Keep an eye out for the heavy bag that monitors your punching power. I scored 10500. I don`t think it`s really accurate since it seems to measure the push of the punch more than the snap –which is what really causes damage and ko`s–. Some guy came up after me and threw a sloppy, off balance punch that pushed the bag and scored higher than me. Strange :).

I`m heading out tonight to watch the movie “Hangover“. Looks like a good one.

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  1. Rob says:

    “The Hangover” is a blast, truly an entertaining movie.

    The Heavy Bag power tester was really cool at the MMA Expo. Power is measured by both snap (velocity) and weight behind the impact, coordinated through the flow of the punch (Kinetic Linking).
    I was happy to test my power
    They say my victory is for bragging rights only.. so unabashedly..
    They recorded mine, at about 5:00 pm Sunday after the weekend was done, I tried it and according to the testers I smashed the records for the entire two days worth of tests. I weigh 205 BTW.
    Anyway.. power is only part of the equation and doesn’t prove everything. I would still rather just run the other way LOL!

  2. lynn says:

    Sorry to have missed you and the other “local” fighter Sam Stout, but had great time at the expo this aft. Met several other fighters and Arianny too, everyone except Frank Trigg was so cool, and very nice. (maybe he just had a bad day) Saw great tournaments and seminars, would liked to have seen more girls competing, but hopefully an increasing force, and really loved the 5 – 7 yr olds I saw in the octagon. I always suspected endless spinning back kicks could be that much fun! But no Joslin MMA school booth? Maybe next year?? Biggest expo surprise…..I’m taller than Sean Sherk, even without my shoes I think!! Am heading to Vegas for 100 and the expo, but somehow already know it won’t be as much fun or as fan-friendly. Thanx to you and your colleagues for such a great exposition.


  3. lynn says:

    oops, on review of the photos, I am not taller than Sherk, even with my shoes on, don’t know what gave me that impression at the time, but I stand corrected.

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