Made the top 10 Karate Fighters in MMA List.


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Someone just emailed me a link to a website that contains a Top 10 Karate Fighters in MMA list. It turns out that I made the ninth spot on that list. It’s an honour to be chosen amongst the many great fighters on the list.

My original striking roots come from a karate/kickboxing background as my father was part of the group karatekas, many years ago, who opted to focus more on full contact kickboxing where you didn’t win by points. Instead, similar to boxing, you won bouts by TKO or KO.

Over the years I added Muay Thai technique to my game and a ton of boxing –which I became insanely addicted to right off the bat– technique which is why I don’t fight like a traditional karate practitioner.

My competitive karate background provided me with a ton of fighting experience and played an important part in developing my hand speed, range and kicking ability and defense. I think any type of martial art or combat sport that puts you face to face against a resisting opponent, builds important fighting and self defense skill.

Here’s the link if you want to check out the article.


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  1. Cory Dee says:

    You placed higher than the the Kimbo Killer!

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