Just watched the movie “Warrior” – A Quick Review


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I just got in from the theatre after watching a sneak preview of the movie “Warrior” with my wife and her cousin.

It was great!

Yes there was MMA action in it but for once, –compared to many other martial arts movies– the story seemed to be as important or more important than the fighting aspect of the film.

The characters were built up nicely, each having a unique and believable reason to do the things that they did throughout the film. A few of the scenes stirred up some strong emotions in me (I think it was the father/son type stuff). At one point I had to hold back a cheer remembering at the very last moment, as my arm was rising into the air, that I wasn’t watching a real fight.

The MMA fight scenes were choreographed very well, showcasing many different standing and ground techniques, and the actors played their parts as fighters, coaches, and wives –my wife pointed that one out– realistically in the MMA sense.

I’m thinking about going to watch it again, with some of the guys from the team, when it’s officially released.

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