Joslin/Koscheck on Spike tonight


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On the website, it says they will be replaying UFC fight night – Miramar Air Base card tonight at 9pm. The card includes Sanchez vs. Riggs, Carter vs. Davis, Pariysan vs. Fickett and Koscheck vs. myself.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Laura says:

    ok so i just watched this fight. awesome fucking fight. you kicked ass. i was pissed u lost. all josh did was take you down and stop the fight. you were dominant on your feet and completely nullified him from the bottom. i dont see how you lost round 2 which would have been the end of the fight in another 30 seconds. it seems the goal of the ufc is to make the takedown the ultimate move. dont get me wrong I LOVE UFC. but josh did nothing from the top and your defense was the best ive seen. ever. and i watch ufc religiously. anyway awesome fight. are you still fighting?

  3. Jeff Joslin says:

    Thanks Laura. Ya, I keep hoping on the replay that the second round lasts a little longer, but it never does :). I’m back training pretty hard now after a long injury layoff. Feeling great lately.

    Thanks again for your post. Take care.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jeff, i am just curious why you couldn’t stop the takedowns at all. It seemed that everytime josh wanted to take you down he did with ease.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering the same thing about Koscheck being able to take you down with so much ease. If you are suppose to be such a great mixed martial arts, then where was your wrestling. All you displayed was a jab, a right hand, a left kick and a butterfly guard. I know it looks easier than it is, but Koscheck landed some great elbows to your face when you were on your back. Anyone who trys to deny this is either a liar or blind

  6. Aaron says:

    Both of you are idiots and clearly have never trained in the sport. Josh Koscheck is one of the best ( if not THE best) wrestler in the UFC. He can take down pretty much anyone with relative ease. He was an NCAA champion and was ranked #10 in the world when Jeff fought him. Kos thinks he’s a stand-up fighter now but when Jeff was punishing him on the feet he had no choice but to take it to the ground where he proceeded to do what he does best…lay and pray. One of many reason’s why no one likes Koscheck…He’s boring. Ya, Jeff took some elbows to the face…so does everyone that Koscheck smothers. Jeff nullified most of Kos’ attack on the ground with a sick butterfly guard and almost caught him with a triangle choke at the end of the 2nd round. Another 30 seconds and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    So both of you can keep watching from the outside, because that is where you belong. Or why not try your hand at some jiu-jitsu and learn the sport. Then maybe you’ll have an appreciation for just how talented those that make it to the UFC really are. Until then, keep posting your uneducated comments. Good work boys.

  7. Jeff Joslin says:


    I’m guessing that you are new to the great sport of MMA if you’ve never seen Josh Koscheck fight before. He has excellent takedowns and did a nice job, in our fight, of switching his leg shots up every time I defended the first or second attempts.

    After I landed a bunch of strikes I literally could feel when he switched up his gameplan choosing to play for the takedown game instead of striking with me. I thought he might do that at some point in the fight but wasn’t sure when.

    I felt very comfortable on the ground with him and we had some highly technical exchanges on the ground which are difficult to notice without really knowing the game.

    There was also a triangle choke which I managed to lock up moments before the bell sounded to end the second round. The triangle choke is a choke applied with the legs around the opponent’s head and arm. It’s a friggin tight choke. We both looked up at the clock at that point and I was thinking 5 seconds left Damn! lol.

    It was a super fun fight, and a dream realized to fight in the UFC. Hopefully I can get back to 100% health and get back in the mix.

    P.S The elbows on the ground don’t hurt as much as they appear to on t.v. Thank God for adrenalin :).

    Thanks for posting, hope your enjoying the blog.

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