Happy Holidays + Stocking Stuffer Sale!


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Happy Holidays!

I hope your enjoying the holiday season and if you do have any shopping to do I hope you didn’t leave it to the last minute like me because it sucks! 🙂

Two days of sickness early in the week has forced me to hit the trenches –a.k.a the mall– in search of gifts for the friends and family.

The shoppers out there are more aggressive than some of my opponents inside the cage have been.

Anyways, be safe and thank you for reading my blog. It means a lot!

In celebration of the holidays, I’m offering my “Body Shot Workout” at 1/2 price! (14.95). Sale ends Christmas Eve (December 24th) at midnight so act quickly.

Tire, weaken and drop your opponent!

The body shot is one of the best ways to gain advantage over your sparring partners and opponents.

In this 25 Video workshop, you’ll learn how to hit the body. I mean really hit the body, in the rights spots while using a ton of leverage, so that opponent will quickly understand why body shots hurt more than the ones that hit the head.

Your Opponent’s won’t know what hit them!

Sorry the sale is over…

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