Happy Canada Day Everyone & Canada Day Sale!


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Just wanted to wish my fellow Canadians Happy Canada Day!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the day off today!

Canada Day Sale!

For today only I’m offering the “Sneaky attacks (No-Gi) Workshop” at 50% off it’s regular price

Only $14.95

Your going to absolutely love this video workshop!

In this 16 video NO-GI training series you’ll learn my most sneaky submissions and techniques including 3 ways to tap your opponent out in less than 3 seconds!

You also learn:

  1. A slick way to escape the armlock
  2. 3 Single leg defensse that end with you getting a submission
  3. The School Yard Bully choke
  4. 2 Sneaky wristlocks that are tough to defend!
  5. A hold down that will make them tap out!

Surprise your opponent with attacks these sneaky attacks that they’ve never seen before…

Click the button below to purchase the video workshop at the special “Canada Day” price.

==> Canada Dale Sale is Over

Here’s a video from the workshop showing a jump triangle attack:

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