Halloween Sale! – 50% off Sneaky Attack Video Workshop (no-gi)


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Happy Halloween!

I’m not dressing up this year since I don’t have any parties to go to. Instead, I’m going to spend tomorrow with the wife and kids, taking them –the kids that is– out to trick or treat and spending some time hanging out by my door so that I can hand out candy to the ton of kids that seem to live around here.

I do have a genuine ninja suit that is begging to get thrown on so maybe I will dress up and answer my doorbell with that thing on. Even better I could hide in my bushes and jump out ninja style and scare some kids. I’ll have to give this some thought but don’t worry I’ll let you know how it goes.

In celebration of this fun holiday, I’m giving away my No-Gi Sneaky Attacks Video Workshop for half price. ($14.95). This spooky sale ends in 48 hours.

Here’s a little more info on the workshop

In this 16 video NO-GI training series you’ll learn my most sneaky submissions and techniques including 3 ways to tap your opponent out in less than 3 seconds!

You also learn:

  1. A slick way to escape the armlock
  2. 3 Single leg defensse that end with you getting a submission
  3. The School Yard Bully choke
  4. 2 Sneaky wristlocks that are tough to defend!
  5. A hold down that will make them tap out!

Surprise your opponent with attacks these sneaky attacks that they’ve never seen before.

To take advantage of this 48 hour sale click on the button below…

Here’s one of the videos in the series…

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