Really Loving the Gi!


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We had a great Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class today, well actually 2 classes, one beginner and one advanced.

In the morning I had the beginners work on some mount escapes and taught them how to avoid and defend the “cheap shot” type of punch that commonly happens in the street, at school, at the bar and many other places.

For the advanced class we focused on back control and how to properly choke your opponent when they are in a spot from which  they can easily defend the common collar chokes.

After the technique drilling we rolled for five 8 minute rounds alternating partners for each.

Man, I’ve been having so much fun rolling with the gi as much as I am. I really don’t think no-gi grappling compares to training with the gi. In no-gi training I find myself always doing the same set of movements and although they work well for me, it feels way too repetitive from time to time.

Gi grappling, on the other hand allows me to play so many different styles of jiu-jitsu; I use the spider guard, the x-guard, butterfly guard and several other styles of guard on the bottom and when it comes to passing the guard and submitting my opponent the options are almost endless.

A lot of fans watch the sport of  MMA fighting, where fighters do not wear the gi and come to the conclusion that wearing one is not an important part of training. I strongly disagree! It’s been my experience in Gi competitions and in training while wearing that traditional Japanese garment over many years that has honed my ground fighting skill set.

Also, an extremely high percentage of the ground fighters that have been successful in both MMA and submission wrestling –where fighters only wear short and a tshirt/rashguard– come from a traditional grappling background having done most of their training with their gis on.

Up next…An X-guard workshop tomorrow afternoon…with the gi.

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  1. Rob B says:

    I’m still shiny new, but I much prefer GI grappling, definately more you can do (and just love using the GI as a weapon). Especially being a beginner, never hurts to have some extra things to grab/hold onto in certain situations (especailly against the “big kids” lol). I’m sure over time I’ll see how it does compliment my ground fighting w/out GI!

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