Congrats to the MMA QuickStart Program Winners!


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I’ve read through all of the essays that were left for the contest and all I can say is…


The kind words and the fact that so many of you took the time to share a little bit about yourselves is truly appreciated.

It was extremely tough to pick 3 winners as there were some fantastic answers.

Remember, if you didn’t win, the program is going live this Monday at midnight at a special low price that anyone can afford.

I made sure that the value of the material that you’ll learn through the program greatly exceeds its cost because I’m so excited to see what you can accomplish by using it.

Anyway, on to the winners…

Hugo won with his essay telling about his yearlong school project where he picked “Training mixed martial arts”. I’m very excited to see what kind of mark we get at the end of the year J…

Malik won with his essay telling about his super long trips to the gym and his hyper focused thoughts about MMA. This program will give him the strong foundation that will help him retain the stuff he learns from his offline instructors…

And lastly, Sly Fox won as well. His story about a long commitment to martial arts and a devastating injury that had stopped him from doing what he loves to do really touched home. I hope my program gets him back into martial arts training and I’m really looking forward to hearing about his progress in the future.

Well guys, that’s it – visit the blog sometime after midnight on Monday to take advantage of the special intro price (which ends Thursday at midnight)

Oh yeah…If you purchase the program on the very first day I’ll throw in my most popular instructional workshop “Striking: Head Movement” as a bonus.

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