Congrats to Joslin’s BJJ Newest Blue & Purple Belts..


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The New Colours - (left to right) Ryan, Dana, Dallas, Me, Andrew, Kirk & Mike

Recently I awarded several students from my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team with their next belts in the ground fighting martial art. These guys looked great on the mats leading up to grading day and on the day of their testing as well. We really put them to the test and they all did awesome!

With a blue belt –the first belt after white– sometimes taking close to 2 years to earn, many people first find themselves setting a goal to one day earn their purple belt (1/2 way to black belt). I’m proud to say that in addition to the four blue belts that I awarded that day, two of my students received their purple belts on the grading day as well which is a huge achievement.

Congrats to the newest blue belts — Mike H. Dana D., Kirk S, Ryan H. — and to Dallas O. and Andrew B. on receiving their purples. Back to the mats to train hard for the next ones!

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