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I’ve been hearing a lot of talk and have seen many posts on various internet forums questioning the fact that Brock Lesnar was given a title shot after only a few fights. Many other people seem to question Brock’s abilities and imply that he won the title by having some good luck in the cage as opposed to legit talent and skill.

Yes, the guy came from the WWE which is more entertainment and flash than real fighting. He has showmanship skill and knows how to get crowds of spectators fired up, a skill which he has honed throughout his years of professional wrestling but many people seem to forget or try to ignore the fact that Brock Lesnar is an great athlete. He is a competitor that has risen to the top of his sport — Won the 2000 NCAA wrestling championship — which is no easy task. In terms of toughness, I’m betting that MMA is a lot less rough on his body than pro wrestling ever was and what’s scary for the other heavyweight fighters in the UFC is that Brock seems to be able to take a punch. He also seems to be improving at a rapid pace, bringing something new to the cage — some nice knees and elbows last fight — each time he enters.

Another factor that troubles many green –another word for fighters with little experience–MMA fighters up is the pressure of fighting in front of large crowds. I can guarantee that Brock doesn’t feel any added pressure from having thousands of eyes glued to his every move. I’m guessing it adds fuel to his competitive fire, making him train harder beforehand, fight harder during the fight and celebrate even harder after a victory.

In an organization — the UFC — with no highly organized ranking system Brock was given a shot at the title and he won it. There’s nothing wrong with that as I think he brought even more hype to our excellent sport and will pose as a serious threat to anyone he is faced off against. I’m excited to see who the UFC pairs Brock up with next but I really don’t see someone taking him out anytime soon. Although, this is mixed martial arts and we’ve seen some crazy things happen over the years.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the key to beating him is obviously a submission game, but you have to do it soon otherwise he’s just gonna get better. You won’t be able to triangle that guy and armbars may get you slammed through the floor. I think Mir did one of the only things he could, with a kneebar. At this point, I think Nog could take him, but not for long.

  2. cory says:

    This would be a great time to finally bring Fedor to the UFC. If you give Lesnar another year of training, he’s the only person I could see touching him.

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