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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been thirteen years since my son was born.

I have a teenager now! That is so strange to say and the fact that he’s headed to high school in another year is mind blowing!

My wife and I finally got him the cell phone –which he loved and hasn’t put down yet– he had been asking for over the last little while. We also got him a few other gifts which seem to all revolve around computer or video game stuff.

We just finished eating a Reese Peanut Butter Cup cake from Dairy Queen which was pretty awesome and now the wife and I are just sitting around watching T.V. That is once I’m off the computer.

For this weekend only I’m offering 3 of my most popular video workshops at only $14.95 each (50% off of the regular price).

The sale ends this Sunday at midnight so act quick if you’re looking to improve your head movement, counter attacking and no-gi submission game.

Note: Once purchased you’ll be able to watch the workshop videos here on this site anytime and as often as you like


Workshop 1 –> Head Movement (Sale Price –> $14.95)

In the full 31 video workshop I share it all! That’s right 31 videos that include techniques, drills, and many ultra important technical details.

Master the moves within this series and you’ll be able to:

– Tire and frustrate your opponent by making him miss while slipping and rolling away from every one of his punches.

– Smash your opponent with combinations that are specific to each evasive head movement.

– Counter attack with much harder punches while using less effort through the use of key technical details.

Workshop 2 –> Striking Counter Attacks ($14.95) 

Jab Causing You Trouble? How bout the Front/Push Kick?

If you having trouble getting past your opponent’s attacks this 38 video series is for you!

In this 38 video series you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve your combination punching and fundamentals through a number of solo, hand pad, and partner drills
  • Defend and Counter Attack against commonly used attacks.
  • Put your opponent on their back with a slick counter attack that is guaranteed to surprise.

Become a counter attacking machine by mastering the movements in this series!

Workshop 3 –> Sneaky No-Gi Attacks ($14.95)

In this 16 video NO-GI training series you’ll learn my most sneaky submissions and techniques including 3 ways to tap your opponent out in less than 3 seconds!

You also learn:

  1. A slick way to escape the armlock
  2. 3 Single leg defenses that end with you getting a submission
  3. The School Yard Bully choke
  4. 2 Sneaky wristlocks that are tough to defend!
  5. A hold down that will make them tap out!

Surprise your opponent with attacks these sneaky attacks that they’ve never seen before.

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