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I went with a bunch of friends to the Buffalo Bills game today. Man that place is crazy! I’ve only been to a few football games in my life — I’m Canadian…so it’s been mostly hockey games in the past. — but I had an awesome time.

We went to the tailgate party, which was in a monstrous parking lot a block away from the stadium, a few hours before the game started which was packed with thousands of fans, actually they were more like SUPERFANS. Most wore jerseys, many others were fully painted in Blue and Red(colour of the Bills) and I saw at least a dozen license plate #’s with the word “Bills” in it. Everyone was pounding back beer as they stood on top of their customized “Bills” trailers, fired up their barbecues or pissed on the ground beside their vehicles.

The Bills were playing the Raiders and not one of the people who invited me to the game told me not to wear black, so I work a black hoodie with white writing on it. When I got there some guy, ran up to my face and started screaming “Booooooo!”. It took me a second to realize that he thought my hooded sweatshirt was a Raiders sweater. I had to deal with heckling a few times during the day. At one point some fat guy stumbled past me, smacked me on the shoulder and shouted “You suck!” as his beer bounced in and out of his cup. Good times.

The game was great, with the score very close right till the end. Half of the time I spent watching the game, the other half, watching the fans. It was awesome!. Three or four people nearby, were kicked out for throwing beer and one guy smacked some guy in the head for grabbing his girlfriend’s ass. The group of ten fans or so sitting in front of us, wearing capes and face paint were so drunk that they looked like zombies and probably couldn’t even tell you who won the game.

Overall it was a great day. I only had a beer or two at the game. Mainly because on Friday I went out with a few of my friends and had a few drinks too many. Man, it was fun night!

I didn’t feel my best physically during Saturday’s BJJ training, but technically I felt surprisingly good. Sometimes when I’m hung over, tired, or not at my best, my training goes really well because I tend to wait for the right time to attack rather than forcing the movement I’m looking to do. When my energy is low and my heads pounding I really tend to relax out there :).

Also, I want to send a huge congrats out to Alex Ricci who won the Canadian 8-man qualifier for Contender Asia (Thai Fighting) by winning three fights in one night. Nice work, looking forward to seeing the tape.

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