A good week of training…


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Even though the weather has been nice, it seems everyone still wants to hit the mats for some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or smash the pads and heavy bags in a striking class.

For striking this week, I stuck to the basics focusing on straight punches and all of the important technical movements that make a punch powerful and effortless to throw. I also touched upon a bunch of high percentage combinations that mixed punching, kicking and knee strike techniques together.

As far as the grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes go, our advanced level students spent a lot of time working on the deep half guard position, drilling both attacks and counters to the highly useful position. Beginners focused some of 90+ fundamental techniques they’ll need to know in order to be sure they have a strong and well rounded technical base. There have been a lot of new people on the mats lately and it always good to see the looks on their faces when they realize how effective and fun training can be. It really is addictive!

This coming week, I’ll be teaching many kicking combos to the strikers and side control attacks to those that have an interest in the BJJ/Submission wrestling classes. I’ll be sure to tape a few and post them up here for ya.

Have a great week!

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