A Good Night of Training at Joslin’s MMA


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I started the night by teaching 3 kids classes in a row.

In the first two, which were beginner classes, we focused on some basic kicks and back break falls. The kids did great and seem to really like some of the drills we had them drill to practice their safe falling.

In the third children’s class, I had them drill some self defense escapes and some power kicking on the kick shields.

The last two classes of the night were adult classes, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and MMA.

After working a few double leg takedown variations, the adults grappled for 5 or 6 8-minute rounds. A bunch of the guys pulled off the same techniques we were drilling at the beginning of class, during their time spent rolling.

MMA class, the last class of the night, was all striking. We worked on the pads and heavy bags and focused mostly on boxing combinations that blended attacks with effective head movement.

I’m off to get some sleep now. Gotta teach some classes in the morning…

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