2 A.M – Just woke up…


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I think my body is going some type of withdrawal. I just woke up and nearly ate everything in the fridge! I’ve been back on a good diet for the last short while which caused me to drop a few pounds already. I’m sitting at around 198 now and I’m feeling way better than I did two months ago.

My jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling training has been going great. It’s strange but I feel more technical, smooth, and relaxed on the ground than ever before. After nearly a year off, it doesn’t make much sense but I think my improvement is due to the fact that during my time off, I’ve been teaching a ton, breaking down the movements for students, building curriculums, reading books and keeping my mind busy while my body was healing.

I know there have been some studies on the power of visualization and it’s been proven how important and effective it can be for many people. I definately agree, based on how good I’m feeling even after such a long layoff.

Well, I think I’ve ate enough food for the night, time to go puke it up, just joking. I’ll just have to train twice as hard in boxing class tommorow. Have a good night.

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    Its great to see you doing so well again Jeff! and its a great honour learnig from you!!!

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