Self Defense Tip #7


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Your first priority is escape

If you do end up in a dangerous situation, remember that you main priority is to escape not to fight. If you cannot escape immediately you may want to comply, at least until you can escape. When faced with someone who demands your wallet, purse etc. give it to them, and escape. No possession is worth risking your life over.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for posting this list of tips, sage advice.
    Just like to add that how you carry your personal possessions is also very important, so you don’t present yourself as a potential target and are able to escape much easier if confronted.
    Years ago it was the style to wear small purses with long straps that went over your head and one arm like a sash, and I was wearing mine thus walking with a friend thru Vancouver’s Gastown when a desperate junkie grabbed my purse while running past me – only to find that the strap was stronger than he was and I was being pulled along too. Frustrated, this guy turned around and punched me twice in the face, giving me a black eye and a split lip that needed four stitches. He pulled on the purse a couple more times as I was frantically trying to get out of it and let it go, but in the end he took off without it, which is unfortunate for me – I’d have gladly traded that $25 purse and the $50 in it to not have a permanent reminder of the incident on my face.
    Can’t recommend stronly enough taking self defense classes, especially for young women. I think perhaps it should be a mandatory part of a phys ed program in school.
    I’m not sure if your gym offers SD classes, Jeff, if you don’t, do you know of a good one? I’d appreciate a recomment, because reading these tips has made me realize I should probably take a class again myself, it’s been a long time since I have, and for me skills need to be upgraded and refreshed to stay useful.
    Thanks again for posting these,

  2. Jeff Joslin says:


    Thank you very much for your sharing your story.

    I definately agree with you that the confidence people can get through self defense lessons and programs is invaluable.

    Currently I don’t run self defense course solely for women. Instead we have the women interested in learning solid self defense skills, enroll in our regular program of boxing/kickboxing classes and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.

    Through this they get in phenomenal shape, have fun and aquire skills that work in real life situations.

    Thanks again for posting

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