Self Defense Tip #2


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The Element of Surprise

Use your imagination on ways you can distract your attacker. You could act passively, appearing to submit to your assailant’s wishes, only to attack them when they least expect it. You could talk with the attacker, to relax them slightly, moments before you launch an attack of your own. Stay calm and keep thinking, it can make a difference

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great advice inferno, can you give us any examples of when you played it cool on a attacker, only to turn the tables on them

  2. Jeff Joslin says:

    :), Well there was that one time when the guy wanted to fight me and I said “hey! What’s that?” and when he looked where I was pointing I was able to take him out.

    Nah, any situations I’ve been in didn’t call for that kind of maneuver :).

    It’s good to use suprise when your attacked is much bigger and stronger or when your unable to escape or fight back at that moment.

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