MMA Training Tip – Shadowboxing (Last minute burst!)


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Last minute burst!

Shadowboxing is one of my favourite ways to practice my mixed martial arts techniques. It gives me a chance to focus on certain aspects of my striking game without feeling the pressure of an opponent’s attack. It also gives my coach an opportunity to effectively analyse my punching, kicking, head movement or any of the other techniques I am working on during that specific workout. Usually he’ll make a few suggestions or corrections which I will drill consistently until everything is technically sound.

The problem with shadowboxing is that is can quickly become boring if it is continually performed at the same pace, using the same techniques or drilled for the usual duration. I have a number of ways that help keep things exciting for me when I shadowbox.

One drill that is a lot of fun, pushes me cardio wise and improves my punching ability takes place during the final minute of a shadowboxing round. Once that final minute arrives, winding down what is usually a 5 minute round, I begin to throw punches consecutively without stopping. Focusing on speed and quantity I make sure to move my head off the line of fire or change my angle every four or five strikes. I also avoid throwing double jabs opting to throw many hooks, uppercuts, and body shots instead.

When done properly this drill will force a fighter to punch reflexively, without thought and offers a cardiovascular challenge to even the most well conditioned fighters. The constant angle changes and head movement between combos will soon transfer over into sparring making the athlete more difficult to hit.

Try it out next time you shadowbox.

Train hard, train smart and have fun!

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