MMA training tip – How to Jump Rope – The Double Jump


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MMA training tip – Jumping Rope (The Double Jump)

Jumping rope is an excellent way to improve your co-ordination, footwork, mental toughness and physical conditioning, all of which are valuable assets in mixed martial arts competition. When performed correctly, the jump rope can be a fun, challenging and productive tool in the gym.

During many of my striking based workouts I’ll jump rope to help get my body warm in preparation for the dynamic warm-ups motions, shadowboxing, heavy bag work or sparring that usually follows. However, at the end of a workout, is when jumping rope offers it greatest benefits.

When I’m preparing for an MMA fight, each jump rope round lasts exactly five minutes which helps my body and mind familiarize with the standard length of a professional mixed martial arts round. The ability to sense when a round is halfway through or nearly over is essential for me as a fighter and pays off during fight time by allowing me to work at the perfect pace. There is not much worse than running out of energy midway through a round due to a misjudgement in the amount of time remaining. You can tell when that happens, because a fighter will start glancing up at the clock –especially in the UFC where the time clock is visible on each of the big screens– during the match.

When closing a training session on the jump rope, it should only take one or two five minute rounds to wear you out. I’m not talking about gentle rounds of skipping at a comfortable pace; I mean intense rounds of rope jumping, interval style, with challenging actions mixed in.

Here’s one of the many actions I use to intensify my rounds;

The Double jump

This movement is tough and also looks impressive to those watching you train, showing of f you’re athleticism and strong conditioning. Here’s how you do it. In the midst of your regular jump rope motion plant both feet on the ground and jump twice your normal jumping height. At the exact same time double the speed in which you’re spinning the rope. Ideally what should happen is the rope will pass under your feet twice before you touch ground and you will flow right back into your regular jump rope motion.

Start by mixing one double jump into your rounds at random points until you mastered the movement. Interrupting a round with a large number of failed attempts will be counterproductive to the purpose of the workout. When you feel ready to step things up a bit, execute two double jumps, one after the other making sure to flow back into your regular motion smoothly afterwards. Next, try three in a row, then four or more until you can execute double jumps back to back for as long as you choose. It’s common for me to bust into sets of 10 four or five times during one round.

To motivate yourself to push through the challenge of the double jump, envision that every burst is you attacking your opponent. How hard would you push to knock him out? How much work would you put in to escape a bad position? Believe me, you’ll wish you pushed yourself harder in the gym when the fight drags on into the later rounds. So next time you‘re jumping rope push yourself hard and enjoy the dramatic improvements you’ll make in your conditioning and mental toughness.

Train hard, train safe, and most importantly have fun!

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  1. Ty. says:


    Do you think its better to skip with shoes on?


    • Jeff Joslin says:

      I like to skip with shoes on sometimes, but as fight time gets closer I stop wearing the shoes because I won’t be fighting with them on

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