MMA Training Tip – Mindset #6


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MMA Training Tip: Don’t be the Ungrateful One

This is problem that is becoming more common all the time, not only in the world of mixed martial arts but in society in general. It’s about taking and never giving back to those that help you. The way to correct this is very simple. When someone gives you something valuable, show them thanks and be grateful.  This simple gesture of appreciation and kindness can help build strong relationships.

Many martial arts instructors have invested a huge percentage of their lives, sacrificing their time and often their physical health, in the pursuit of becoming the best they can be in their perspective arts. I can guarantee that if you ask them a little about their background, you’ll be amazed at many of the things, both positive and negative, that they have gone through to achieve their successes.

Some students are training everywhere and with anyone that will teach them something, often jumping to another martial arts school without a thought if they hear something good about it. They are taking a lot and rarely giving back to those that help them.

There are times when this approach is absolutely necessary. In the case when a fighter is training at a martial arts school that focuses solely on ground work or just on striking or wrestling,  there’s no doubt that he will need to branch out to complete his MMA skill set.

In other cases, however, I feel that selfishness will ultimately harm a fighter’s progression in the sport. Most instructors will not teach you passionately if you don’t earn their trust, respect and friendship.  This fact will hugely impact your development under them. Without the proper reciprocation of appreciation between you and your instructor you will always be one strike away from having to look for a new place to train.

Whether you train at one or multiple martial arts school, be sure to give as much as you receive and put in the time to develop relationships with your instructor(s). When your career is over and done with, you’ll have a great friend that you can reminisce about old times with. After a career in MMA, believe me you’ll have some great stories to tell.

In the end I believe it’s the journey and the great relationships that we build along the way that mean the most…

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