MMA Training Tip – Mindset #3


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Time for another MMA training tip…

Don’t be the lazy student!

Every teacher loves a student that strives to do everything they can to improve themselves. Don’t be the opposite of that ideal student; the guy who shows up late for class, goes through workouts at half speed, and folds under any sort of pressure in training or competition.

If you want to earn you teacher’s respect and hope to grow as both a mixed martial artist and a human being , push yourself to your limits in training and try to be better at what you are doing every single day. Be sure to compete in tournaments and other competitive situations as much as possible to constantly challenge yourself.

If you give more of yourself on a consistent basis you will receive a lot more in return from your team mates and coaches and you will achieve a lot more in the process.

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  1. jet says:

    great blog jeff ur right! great blog i love it !

  2. Paul Sheridan says:

    Thanks Jeff. This is great advice. Especially about being on time for class.

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