MMA Training Tip – Mindset #4


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Another important MMA Training Tip in terms of your mindset…

Don’t Be The Bragger

What happens in training doesn’t matter, it’s only training! Keep that sentence in mind and you will not become the type of student that team mates despise. I’m talking about the guy that brags to others about who he’s tapped out, knocked down or dominated during a practice. They also seem to take training sessions as serious as competition. This type of student has things all wrong.

One should take training as what the name is defined as; Intended for use during an introductory, learning, or transitional period. In other words training is the time when a student should introduce new techniques to their game, test out new strategies and work to transition their mma games to something greater.

Could an advanced mixed martial artist get tapped out by or get dropped due to a strike from a less experience opponent when trying out these new, less developed skills and strategies? Of course they could, but that is the risk they must take to improve their skill set. Training is the time to try things new and when someone brags about training results as is it were a real competition or fight that pisses people off.

Do not be that guy! Also be sure to put anyone who brags about their training accomplishments in their place –in a very nice way—for their own benefit and the benefit of the team.

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