MMA Training Tip – Mindset #5 – Leave Your Ego at the Door!


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MMA Training Tip – Leave your ego at the door

Ideally you’re reading this before you’ve begun your training. If your quest to become a skilled mixed martial artist is already underway and you are currently enrolled in classes at a quality MMA school you have an idea of what I mean when I say “leave your ego at the door!”

It’s safe for me to say that you’ve been flipped, choked, punched in the nose once or twice and have had your joints hyper extended to the point of submission by people that are a mere fraction of your size! Your ego has been attacked without mercy!

Many beginning students have difficulty dealing with the humbling experiences that I just mentioned. In my many years of experience I’ve also found that the bigger, stronger type students usually have the most trouble in doing so. I’ve seen so many muscle bound guys mentally and physically deflate when they face the abrupt realization that the type of muscle they have spent years building seems to be more of a hindrance than a weapon inside the ring/cage or on the mats.

If this has been your experience so far, don’t panic! It happens to everyone and I literally mean everyone. Realize that you were beaten by solid mixed martial arts technique not by the person who just smacked you around the ring or wiped the mats with you. The good thing is that with some practice, technical proficiency will slowly transform from an adversary into an ally. You have my promise that if you can persevere and push through this challenging time the reward will be great.

Resume your training or begin – if you haven’t yet started– your training without the pressure of feeling you have to do well right away. The amount of fun you’ll have while training will increase multiple times over and soon you will be the one humbling the newest group of students to step on the mats.

One of the best quotes I’ve come across that accurately describes the progression of mixed martial arts training is “You must first be the nail before you can be the hammer.” Keep this in mind and you will one day find out how much fun it is to be the hammer!

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