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Deciding to compete in an upcoming event is one of the best ways to add variety and motivation to your training regiment. It will excite you to train more frequently, more intensely, and often more intelligently. There’s nothing more motivating than knowing that you will soon have a highly skilled martial artist trying to throw, sweep, lock, and choke you out while your friends and family watch and cheer from the sidelines. Obviously when competition day arrives you’ll want to be at your best.

As you prepare for tournament action you’ll build a strong momentum in training where your movements are executed much faster and with greater effectiveness than normal. At this point, training is  more fun than ever before due to the sharpness of your physical and technical weapons.

Another benefit to competing regularly is that your rate of growth as a mixed martial artist will skyrocket. It’s been said that the intense training one does to prepare for competition is worth three times that of normal training time. Whether you come home with a gold medal for your efforts, it doesn’t really matter – although I do admit it feel good to do so!— because you will be a better mixed martial artist due to the preparation and valuable experience the competition has given you. In some cases a loss at that competition will help you to improve even more because you will often sit back and analyze your approach and game plan to discover any weaknesses.

As a mixed martial artist I suggest you aim to compete in striking competition, grappling competitions and wrestling events whenever possible. Talk with your instructor to see if he/she feels you’re ready to take that step. I competed in over a hundred martial arts tournaments before fighting my first professional mixed martial arts fight. Now you don’t need to compete as much as I did before fighting pro but I’m very glad I had an extensive competitive background because it gave me extreme confidence in Mixed Martial Arts.

If you’re a little nervous to get out there and compete, go to a few events and check them out as a spectator. Sometimes it’s not what your had first conceived. I’ve had a few students that were sickly afraid of competing and after watching a few events they eventually jumped into one and over time become some of my most accomplished competitors.

Over the years I’ve met many great people, at tournaments and martial arts events, many of which I now consider personal friends. There is something special, that non-competitors will never experience, about battling it out on the mats, in the ring, or in the cage with another human being. Get out there and see for yourself!

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