MMA Training Etiquette #1 – Don't Smell Bad!


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During your MMA training their are many things to keep in mind in terms of proper etiquette. Here’s an important one if you want to make friends and keep people wanting to train with you…

smellypigProper Hygiene

Good personal hygiene is very important in mixed martial arts training where you are in close quarters with your teammates a high percentage of the time. You should enter every class as clean as possible. Everyone hates training with someone who reeks of body odour from a long day of work. Also, wash your gi (uniform) on a regular basis and keep your shorts and t-shirts smelling fresh at all times.

Always keep your nails trimmed, tie back any long hair and make sure you are not wearing anything that may be potentially hazardous to your training partner (examples of this are zippers on shorts, knee braces or buttons).  Remove all jewellery and avoid training if you have any open cuts or sores on your body.

If you decide to retain your stink and continue to train in that state, your training partners will quickly become less willing to practice with you. They may also talk behind your to back about your particular aroma issue. There is an upside however. If you jump into class with the right level of disgusting smelliness you may be able to tap people out without applying an actual submission hold. That’s a joke; be sure to keep yourself clean and smelling great!

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  1. Brando DeBORBA says:

    It’s really good to hear that you are informing others of this, you have no idea how important it is . As you know I have teaching from a wheelchair , I was in one when I started judging you jeff, back in the day when you were shorter then me, lol. But I had students that I had to go to them (there home) becouse they where not able to come to my Dojo in toronto. A lot of them had open wondes, or had bandages to stop the bleeding, I still had not onley cover my self by wearing hospital gloves but also cover my body with hospital second skin (a fake plastic skin that you put on yourself If you have an open cut) the last thing you won’t is to get something from your student or give your student something. If all of you that read Jeff’s note you should thank he for doing so, why. After theching one of my students he decided to try what I had tought him on a friend, the young man died of adds 14 months later. This is not just bad smell isue but a health issue, Thank Good I didn’t contract it, onley becouse I covered my ASS. I know this is of topic but I think that aside from the smell , us as teachers need to take car of what we do that might efect the people we teach. So now all I have to do is not shower for 9 weeks, then I might win if you are close enough me, can you smell it. lol Brando deBorba,

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