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Train with a gameplan

Many fighters create, memorize and apply different types of gameplans during their fights to maximize their chances for success. Designed to play to the creator’s strengths and to exploit the weaknesses of their opponent a properly executed gameplan can be affect the outcome of a bout.

I don’t go into fights with much of a gameplan, other than trying to win :). Instead I find myself going with flow of the fight, attacking and defending from whatever range I find myself in at that moment. I have been fortunate to have been able to train for many years in multiple styles which gives me the confidence to fight while standing or on the ground.

However, in training things are much different for me. I follow a gameplan during every one of my training sessions. Often, as I make the drive to my boxing coaches school, which is around 40 minutes from my house, I choose three or four combinations to work on during my sparring, shadowboxing and heavy bag work that day. My choices vary from workout to workout but I usually choose techniques that I have yet to master.

For my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training I also create a gameplan before class. I might decide to work on armlocks, or choking techniques, or I might even allow my students to easily catch me in submissions so that I can work to improve my escapes.

Developing and implimenting gameplans adds excitement to my training and allows me to develop the weaker aspects of my game since I am not using my strongest techniques. By limiting myself to certain techniques while training, it make things much tougher for me which greatly increases my rate of technical proficiency.

Before your next workout, create a gameplan and try to stick to it throughout your entire training session. You might get punched, choked or armlocked a little more than usual that day but you are sure to improve you game in many ways by neglecting your best techniques to develop your weaker ones.

Train hard, train safe, and most importantly have fun!

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