MMA Technique – Ground & Pound + Guard Pass


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Being inside someone’s guard during a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match is not the ideal place to be since there are very few submission attacks that you can apply from inside there. On the other hand, the bottom fighter can sweep you, hyper extend your arms, choke your neck and leg lock you in countless ways.

In MMA things are completely different. Why?

Because you can strike! Combine skill at doing that with a killer ability to pass the guard and you’ll look forward to being locked inside the guard of an opponent during an MMA fight. If you think about it, the person on the bottom is actually the furthest they could possibly be from standing back up onto their feet. That’s a good thing!

It’s time to take advantage of being on top inside the guard by dishing out a ground and pound attack in a powerful, safe and very effective way. ┬áIn the video below I show you a sequence of ground and pound techniques that my fighters and I use all the time with a lot of success.

Oh yeah, it also includes a guard pass to make it even sweeter.



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