MMA Clinchwork – Over/Under (50/50) Position – Basic Take down


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The most common clinch in MMA is without a doubt the over/under (or 50/50) position. It usually occurs when a fighter defends the double under hook position by¬†pummeling¬†one of their arms inside the attacker’s arms, leaving them and their opponent with one under hook each.

A great position to score takedowns and land strikes from, it’s very important to have a solid set of techniques from this position.

Over the next little while I’ll share with you some techniques, including takedowns and striking, that I use and teach my students to apply from this common position…

Technique #1 – Knee Block Takedown

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  1. David says:

    I really like this takedown. I have used it for quite some time, but recently had it used against me as a counter to the Lateral Drop. I had him show me what he did and it is an awesome counter!

    Thanks for the video!


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